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Police Force and Reactionary Civilian Groups Repressed Peaceful Activities of Persatuan Rakyat untuk Pembebasan Papua Barat (People United for Free West Papua, PRPPB)

Yogyakarta, July 15, 2016

Updated on July 15, 2016, 10.56pm



On Friday, July 15, 2016, PRPPB planned to stage a rally from the Papua’s Boarding House (Asrama Papua) Kamasan I (Jl. Kusumanegara) to the Ground Zero at 9 o’clock. The planned rally was aimed to support the candidacy of United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) as a full member at the Melanesian Spearhead Group and call for the rights of determination as a democratic solution for West Papua.

The Yogyakarta Police Force and a handful of civilian-paramilitary groups under the coordination of the Police Force threatened the groups. Details follow:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

  1. PRPPB’s spokesperson received an anonymous text saying,


One more time, the minions of the separatist that claimed themselves as Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua Yogyakarta (The Papuan Students Alliance of Yogyakarta) will conduct a treason act by staging a rally demanding FREE WEST PAPUA, WEST PAPUA IS NOT PART OF INDONESIA which will carry the morning stars attributes, Papuan clothes and Papuan traditional weapons on this day, July 15, 2016 in the Ground Zero, Yogyakarta.


This is the second time that these black bastards, THE TRULY INFIDELS conduct a treason act on Friday, the sacred day of the Muslims. In addition, their previous demonstration/rally was conducted during the Muslims’ fasting month.


We, the Muslims of Yogyakarta together with other members of Yogyakarta community will be united to cut to pieces these ungrateful bastards, the descendants of the apes, because we, the natives of Yogyakarta have been furious with their treasons and rotten smell of their body!!!


For long, security forces, the Indonesian military as well as the police force have been afraid to confront them and for long the security forces have been playing favor in upholding the law in front of these black bastards.


Let’s be united. Let’s unite our determination with the permission of Allah to drive away these separatist scoundrels from our “special”[1] land.

Yogyakarta is the city of students, city of cultures, city of Muslims without Separatists….

Separatists’ blood is halal for us,[2] the Muslims.

Fight Separatists! Allahuakbar (God is Great)….! Allahuakbar (God is Great)….!

#Jogjaissafewithoutseparatists #thesouthMuslimfighters #leagueforantiseparatism #Jogokaryanfighters #MuslimleagueofYogyakarta…!!!”


  1. At 47am, a member of PRPPB received a message as follow:

“Assalamualaikum Wr. (May peace be with you).  We call for the members of Yogyakarta’s leagues to be ready on Friday, July 15, 2016 because there is a rumor saying that Papuans will raise the morning stars flag in the Ground Zero. The flag raising will take place from 9am to 1pm. Say not to OPM (Free West Papua Movement) from the land of Special Yogyakarta…Be ready at your place…Wait for our command. Sincerely, the Commander of Yogyakarta’s Leagues (INDRA mEhong/Indra Tatto).

#To the chairman of Yogyakarta’s branch of GM FKKPI (Gerakan Muda Forum Keluarga Putra-Putri Purnawirawan Indonesia, Forum for the Sons and Daughters of the Military Veterans of Indonesia) please coordinate your members to prepare for rally “NKRI HARGA MATI” (the Republic of Indonesia is a fixed price) that will be conducted tomorrow, Friday, July 15, 2016 in front of the Papuan Boarding House Kamasan, Jl. Kusumanegara. Our gathering point: in front of JEC at 8 o’clock. Sincerely.”

  1. At around 7 o’clock in the morning, the Yogyakarta police force had surrounded the Papua boarding house Kamasan I, Jl. Kusumanegara, Yogyakarta. The main street in front of the house was blocked. The house’s gate was practically closed by the police. Papuan students entered the house through the back door.
  2. At 8 o’clock, around 50 people, members of the organization PAKSI KATON had gathered and conducted a morning assembly in the eastern side of the house.
  3. At 40am, the police identified the back door and immediately closed it using police trucks. The police ransacked and attempted to knock down the back door but didn’t succeed. Students were surrounded and denied access to exit.
  4. Two Papuan students came and were about to enter through the back door. Plainclothes police officers stopped them and confiscated their motorbike. One of the police officers intimidatingly said, “You think that we are afraid. We will finish you off.” The students attempted to take back their motorbike. The officers were angry. The fight took place. The officers launched a warning shot. The students run through an alley to the direction of Jl. Kusumanegara then got arrested. A commotion broke. The students were beaten and trampled by several officers.
  5. At 50am, more police deployment in front of the boarding house. Some incoming Papuan students were prevented to enter. One member of Perjuangan Mahasiswa untuk Demokrasi (Students Fight for Democracy) was arrested. Seven Papuan students who just got home from buying sweet potatoes in the marketplace were also arrested.
  6. At 55am, the rally started. Political speeches began in front of the house (in the yard).
  7. At 10 o’clock, one Papuan student was arrested and ordered to sit in the pedestrian, with hands tied.
  8. At 30am, two incoming Papuan students were blocked and prevented to enter the house by members of civilian-paramilitary organizations. Clashes of arguments. Members of the organizations threatened the students and showed that they brought a knife.
  9. At 40am, around 100 people wearing uniforms from PAKSI KATON, LASKAR JOGJA, PEMUDA PANCASILA and FKPPI staged a rally in front of the house. They screamed and called Papuans “dogs”, “pigs”, “monkeys”, and etc. and staged very racialist provocations. The Papuan students held back their anger to themselves. The police force let this happening. The police officers mixed up with the members of the civilian and paramilitary organizations.
  10. At 11 o’clock, police force withdrew. The field commander for the rally asked students to stay inside the house lest the police arrest them all.
  11. In front of Bale Ayu, Timoho, the police conducted a vehicle examination. Papuans students were being stopped and lectured. Some were arrested. Some motorbikes were seized (number hasn’t been determined).
  12. At 07am, the house was still surrounded by police force and civilian-paramilitary groups. Students started to get hungry. The food that was supposed to be eaten was gone with the seven arrested students. PRPPB called for solidarity and help with the logistics.
  13. At 15pm, PRPPB and solidarity groups who couldn’t enter Papua boarding house distributed a leaflet in the road near UIN Sunan Kalijaga (the Islamic College). Around 30 people participated and it went smoothly until the police came. This action called for:
  14. Free all the students who got arrested
  15. Withdraw all police force and civilian-paramilitary groups from the Papua Boarding House Kamasan
  16. Freedom of expression and assembly as fundamental human rights should be protected and upheld
  17. Build people to people solidarity. Fight racism and protect democracy.
  18. Yogyakarta people staged solidarity and sent food, bottled water, sugar, coffee and instant noodles to the Papua boarding house. The food was gathered in the Indonesian Red Cross’ office and was sent using the Red Cross’ vehicle, considering that the international law stipulates that the Red Cross cannot be attacked.
  19. At 30pm, the Red Cross’ vehicle arrived in front of the house. It was stopped by some police officers then asked to park across the house. The driver talked to the officers. Ten minutes later, the vehicle left the premise without dropping any food.
  20. At 25pm, Papuan students gathered in the meeting hall in the house and sang Papuan traditional songs. Some students cleaned up the yard. Some police officers yelled, “You destroyed the scenery.” These students exited the yard and confronted the police. Police force shot teargas to the students three times.
  21. Until 37pm, one Papuan student is still arrested in the Yogyakarta Police Office (Polda Yogyakarta). Seven other students had been freed after BAP (Investigation and Interrogation Report). One student’s cell phone is still kept by the police. LBH Yogyakarta (Legal Aid Institute) is still attempting to free Papuan students.


Yogyakarta, July 15, 2016

Persatuan Rakyat untuk Pembebasan Papua Barat

(People United for Free West Papua, PRPPB)


[1] The word ‘special’ here refers to the special status of Yogyakarta province within the Republic of Indonesia.

[2] This expression means that it’s permissible and even encouraged to kill these people.



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